Before and After


Before and After Project Photos

One of the most dramatic ways to show how your project has taken shape is with before and after photos.

Swipe the slider left and right to see how things have improved on the 'after' side.

You can have sharp video clips for social media or interactive pages on your site that let potential clients see the quality of your work.

About this project

We are looking at a completed kitchen and back entrance renovation project.  Walls were moved, ceilings were raised, flooring, appliances, fixtures counters were all upgraded.

This project was a huge upgrade for this high traffic area of the house.  New tiling and hard wood floors were used throughout the renovation.  Clever sliding shelves were installed by the new fridge,  ensuring the best use of the new cupboard space.

Before the renovation began I came in and took a few shots, being careful to note the tripod location and lenses used.

The construction company brought me in to take these before and after photos for the client.  Everyone received a copy of the high resolution images so they could share the results of all the recent hard work. I helped the construction company update their site and share the content over their social media channels.

If this type of service is something you'd like to know more about please contact me.